Teens Profess Social Media Has Positive Impression But Acknowledge That It’s A Distraction


It’s not precisely an announcement to those of you bringing up teenagers that your kids are preoccupied by social media essentially all the time. Seventy percent of teens acknowledge to exploring social media innumerable times in a day as per the nationally representative survey of more than  1,100 13- to 17-year-olds in the U.S., released Monday by Common Sense, a nonprofit advocacy group for kids and families.

That amounts to double the percentage in 2012, when Common Sense formerly furnished such a report of an impression of teen affair with social media. Over the evolving years the amount of teens that possess a mobile device escalated from 41 percent to 89 percent.

Undoubtedly you are afraid of confronting your teen and scared to know what social media will do to your teen’s social life or their health. You are not very certain when how or if to intercede. Common Sense founder and CEO James P. Steyer said that there is an enormous botheration these days about the possible jolt of social media and 24-7 tech use on today’s teens, entailing connecting social media utilization to technology compulsion, the decomposition of in-person social skills, and manifold ill treatment to kid’s mental health.

As per the survey, teens are themselves acknowledging the fact that rising utilization of social media over these bygone half-dozen years certainly influences their social and emotional health but not inescapably in a gloomy way. In fact many teenagers acknowledge of having a positive impact on their health, mental or social than a negative impact.


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