US Military Tech Falls To US Opponents


Saudi Arabia and its allied partners have relinquished American manufactured weapons to  al Qaeda associated fighters hardline Salafi militias, and alternative sections pursuing war on Yemen, in contravention of their accordance with the US.

The weapons have also made their inroads into the charge of Iranian-backed rebels fighting the alliance for dominance of the country for disclosing some of America’s diplomatic military technology to Tehran and probably jeopardizing the lives of US troops in alternative disputed zones.

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, its leading ally in the war, have utilized the US assembled artillery as a form of currency to purchase the loyalties of militias or tribes reinforce selected armed factors and impact the intricate political landscape as per the local commanders on the ground and analysts.

By delivering this military apparatus to third parties, the Saudi commandeered coalition is shattering the phase of its arms sales with the US as indicated by department of defense. Succeeding the CNN’s bestowed its detection; a US defense representative committed there was an extant probe into the issue.

The declaration augments brand new questions if the US has given up regulation over a major partner, overlooking one of the most horrifying wars of the forgotten decades and if Saudi Arabia is accountable enough to be permitted to pursue buying the revolutionary arms and battling hardware.

Former probes entrenched that US made artillery was utilized in sequence of deadly Saudi coalition censure that terminated innumerable civilians many of them being children.