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Bessie completed her journalism degree from the London School of Journalism. Since 2016, she has been a freelance contributor tackling a diverse number of topics. Bessie is a social activist, an entrepreneur, and a dreamer. Her purpose is to heighten every reader's understanding and open new avenues for self-interpolation and exploration. In her spare time, she loves to play with her baby poodle.
Brooklyn is a self-wonderer, who loves to explore new adventures. She started her online career as a freelance finance advisor. Then, she pursued a career in journalism via short courses to expand her abilities in news publishing. She first landed a job in News Every Day as a junior intern, and since then, flourished to become one of the leading news writers. She manages an online business in her spare time, and offer business consultation to various industry. She is a regular contributor to Down The Lines.
Isabella is a freelance journalist from the Philippines. She finished her degree in Mass Communication at the University of the Philippines. Isabella works as a feature writer to one of the Philippines' leading local newspaper. She ventured into online publishing last 2017, and have found her home in Down The Lines.
Kyle has been in the news/media industry for over ten years. He owns a blog site, a social media page, and various forums that aim to provide in-depth analysis of current and trending topics. He received his degree in Strategic Journalism from the Boston University and had decided to pursue a long-term career in Down The Lines.
Sherri finds happiness in discovering trending topics worth sharing. She is a travel blogger, a business enthusiast, and a professional journalist. Her expertise ranges from the latest technological breakthroughs to the current healthcare issues. Sherri aims to distribute truthful and compelling stories that add value to every headline.